Annotated reading

The Site Planning 1 course is focussed on practical skills – students learn basic drawing techniques and conventions. The art of science of site planning, however, is steeped in theoretical understandings of natural systems but this discourse is not prevalent in the Site Planning 1 course.

This particular article is an extract from Design with Nature, by the father of site planning, Ian McHarg.

The ideas presented in Design with Nature are profound and have influenced landscape architecture since its first publication in 1969 but the language in Design with Nature is not easily accessible, particularly to second-language English speakers. This particular TDP exercise of annotating text, will therefore prove to be valuable to students in order to help them access theoretical discourse.

The aim of the annotation is to provide students with tools for understanding the text, but to also encourage their own research – while some of the words have explanations, some are left blank to enable students to compile their own glossaries (most of these are words
they would have been exposed to in class.)

Annotated reading


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