Annotated writing assignment

The Supervisory Management 1 course is designed with exit level outcomes that provide students with basic business acumen and communication skills to be able to make a positive contribution during their second and third year in-service training (WIL) periods.

Most students have not yet mastered the ability to write in formal language, appropriate to the business world.

This particular module, communication in organisations expands the students’ communication skills in formal verbal and written correspondence.

Annotated writingNotes & comments:

The students did quite well in terms of the format of the letter but there was varying degrees of success in terms of grammar and spelling and the student’s response. I provided individual feedback to every student who submitted their assignment on time and students who failed the assignment were encouraged to redo it. During this process I made some interesting discoveries!

1. When marking the revised assignments I noticed that they were mostly worse than the originals with additional grammatical or spelling errors that were correct in the first assignment. This seemed odd considering I had provided quite detailed feedback. I questioned one of the students and realised that she had typed the original assignment and had handed it in without saving it (it didn’t occur to her to save any of her work).

2. Students were not aligning their addresses correctly – they seemed to be using the space bar instead of the tab key.

3. Many of the students had some very obvious spelling errors that would have been picked up had they run a spell check, leaving me to suspect that in fact they hadn’t!

These revelations certainly explained a lot and because these errors were quite common throughout the class, I realised that I would need to point out the basics of good digital file management. In the next lecture I spent 30 minutes explaining the reasons for saving files, naming them correctly and showed the students examples of my own computer folders and how I named files.

This is just another example of how I assume students have particular knowledge but am humbly reminded to go back and explain the basics.


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