Problem-based learning for large groups

The medical field in particular lends itself to problem-based learning, due to the nature of diagnostics. Landscape technology does not have such a direct application in practice but there are examples where students can find solutions to problems and discover new concepts.

The Supervisory Management course includes a module on Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling. In order to present the class with basic knowledge of organisational structures I employed a problem-based learning approach:

Students were not previously taught any organisations concepts or structures such as hierarchy, specialisation, departmentalisation etc. Instead the students were presented with a problem (slide 1). Students were working in small groups and one person from each group came to the board and wrote down their solution to the problem. The next slide was presented and the process repeated. I then stepped in and started looking for patterns and categories within the student’s answers and prompted the students to provide vocabulary to describe particular elements e.g. hierarchy, specialisation, departmentalisation. The final slide requested that students develop an organisational diagram.
Problem based learning slides
The photos show students working in groups, and the black board covered with students’ answers and input.



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