Scenario-based question

As part of my TDP assessment module, we were required to design a scenario-based question that met the following criteria:

  1. Specific outcomes are clearly stated
  2. Adheres to principles of constructive alignment
  3. Contains the relevant context and problems
  4. Questions are at the appropriate cognitive levels.

At the time I was teaching a Landscape Technology Management course to third year students and devised the following scenario-based question (which I subsequently used in their June exam paper!):


  • understand and function within the requirements of professional ethics
  • prepare tender documentation
  • understand the role of the landscape architect in a tender process


You are a landscape architect and one of your clients satisfied with the landscape design and is ready to move into the construction phase. He is debating whether to run a tender process or to nominate or appoint a landscape contractor.


  1. Can you explain to the client the advantages and disadvantages of a competitive tender? (Note: Level 3)
  2. As a landscape architect, what type of documentation would you have to prepare for a tender process? (Note: Level 2)
  3. What are your responsibilities (as a landscape architect) to ensure the tender is transparent, fair and accurate? (Level 4)




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