Language in assessment

Language is a particular obstacle that many students will have to deal with on a daily basis. For most students whose mother tongue is not English, the learning process involves translating English, regardless of whether the actual concept is understood or not.

Our TDP course encouraged us to reduce the language barrier in lecturers and exams by including words and questions in multiple languages (the answers however must still be given in English). Here is a list of word translations into isiXhosa and Afrikaans that I will be able to use in my Management lecture notes and exam questions:

English – Xhosa – Afrikaans

Business management – ULawulo lwezoShishino – Bedryfsbestuur
Human resources – Icandelo lezabasebenzi – Menslike hulpbronne
Leading – Ukukhokela – Leiding
Control – ULawulo – Beheer
Needs and wants – liMfuno nokuFunwayo – Behoeftes en Begeertes
Products – limveliso – Produkte
Public relations – Unxulumano loluntu – Openbare betrekking
Competitors – Abagqatswa – Kompetisie/Mededingers
Economic systems – linkqubo zoqoqosho – Ekonomiese sisteme
Command/Socialist/Capitalist – Umyalelo/UBusoshiyali/Ungxowankulu – Opdrag/Sosialisties/Kapitalisties

Wright, Jenny (2003) An Integrated Course: Communicating in Horticultural Business Management, Top Copy, Claremont


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