TDP Portfolio links

The following is a list of appendices that supplement the portfolio narrative.
Click on the link to open the relevant article.

Teaching module:

  1. Learning contract
  2. a. Lesson plan for small groups
    b. Lesson plan for large groups
  3. Attachment to small-group lesson plan
  4. Attachment to large-group lesson plan
  5. Mentoring
  6. Case-study for small groups
  7. Flipped classroom experiment
  8. Problem-based learning and reflections
  9. Technology-enhanced teaching and learning
  10. Video clip
  11. Community engagement
  12. Academic literacy – Annotated reading and writing assignments

Assessment module:

  1. Assessment rubric
  2. Support for students using formative feedback
  3. Scenario-based questions
  4. Clicker question
  5. Use of language in assessment
  6. Example of marked student’s script
  7. Moderator’s report
  8. Sample test / exam questions

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